Old Farm

Potluck Productions first short film, The Old Farm, is about a family dealing with change and the reality of oncoming dementia as they try to navigate the next hard step together.

Funded with the ACTRA MIP grant this film was shown at various film festivals where it won numerous awards, including best script at the Long Island Film Festival and a sweep of all categories at the Virginia Christian Film Festival. Davina Stewart was nominated for an AMPIA in the category of Best Actress and the film was also a finalist in the Kosice International Film Festival.

 Written and Directed by Matt Alden

 DOP : Wes Doyle

 Starring – Dana Andersen, Davina Stewart, Owen Bishop, Matt Alden

Small Things Big Alberta

Alice and her animal friends explore nature and make crafts in this show for kids! Set in a variety of cultural destinations across the Province of Alberta, there’s much to learn in a fun, educational way!

 Funded by a Telus Storyhive Grant, and is currently filming season 2.

See the Small Things Big Alberta Website:

O’Christmas Tree

Coming soon to film festivals everywhere! A short Christmas Tale, this film was shot with a team of only three, entirely outside in the frigid Alberta winter.

Written and Directed by Matt Alden

Starring – Dana Andersen

The Adventures of Thrak & Blazer

Two very different 10 year old boys in the 80’s deal with the one thing they have in common. They have no friends.

As they deal with the pressures of being different they delve into a world of imagination creating the ultimate adventure starring the two of them.

When they end up in real danger because of their antics, they have to learn to work together in the real world.

Mission Aries

An animated series set in Earth’s far future. After many wars and rude arguments every religion on the planet was combined and mixed with various pop culture gods from Earths distant past.

The result was the Church of Earth! Now 100 years free of war mankind will launch into space to boldly go to new planets, meet new life forms and very politely CONVERT THEM TO THE CHURCH OF EARTH! (In the name of the Buda, Jesus, Tom Hanks, She-Ra and the Masters of the Universe)