Potluck Productions Inc.


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Let's make a Video

Whether it’s a single video, or a bunch of content, it all starts with one idea. You know your brand. We know how to make it come to life. So let’s partner up and create a video that gets the job done—whatever the job may be. 

About Us

Potluck Productions is based in Edmonton Alberta Canada and focuses on bringing creative forces together to create new film, television, and online projects.

Founded by Matt Alden (Writer/Actor – Caution May Contain Nuts) and Alice Kelly (Graphic Designer) along with Kayla Wright (Producer/Event Planner) and Dale Alexis (Creator/Actor)

Potluck Productions does it all. Music videos, live streaming events, online content, commercials, film, drone work, and creative script development with a wide range of options from low budget to high.

Potluck Productions is currently in production and shopping a wide range of various scripts and projects ranging from animation, to kids shows, to dramatic series and full length features.